Latest Food Service Products

Innovative products to Increase Sales and satisfy guests

Carbon’s Golden Malted continues to develop new products and services to increase our food service customer's sales and satisfy their guests. Below are some of our latest products.

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Fresh Baked Puffy Pancakes

Golden Malted Self-Serve Fresh Baked Puffy Pancakes are great tasting and quick for guests to make!

  • Let Your Guests Easily Make Delicious, Light and Fluffy Pancakes
  • Perfect Menu Addition - Everyone Loves Hot Pancakes
  • Use the Same Mix for Both Waffles and Pancakes - Amazing Aroma and Flavor
  • As Cost Effective as our World Famous Fresh Baked Waffle Program

Fresh Baked Waffle Bites

Carbon's Golden Malted Fresh Baked Waffle Bites are easily paired with other items to make delicious, fun meals!

  • Popular in hotels, restaurants, bars, concessions, fairs, universities, theme parks
  • Fast and Easy to Make
  • Make both Sweet and Savory Meals - combine with chicken nuggets or serve with ice cream!
  • Great for all day parts - breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack
  • Same Great Taste and Aroma of America's Favorite Waffles